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  • Operating at a high speed
  • ​A vehicle of public transportation or delivery service
  • ​Represent (a number, relation, or property) by a figure, symbol or formula
  • Convey ones thoughts was added to complement the website, by offering content in a concise way, suitable for tablets and mobile devices.

 The Plane Name

​ A plane isn't a plain name.

  • ​A plane is an aircraft, soaring to new heights
  • ​A plane is a tool that a carpenter might use to smooth a wood surface
  •  ​A plane describes an area consisting of an infinite number of points

 A plane is quite useful!

The Pilot

Lance Friedman is a math major who has been tutoring students in the North Shore of Chicago for 10 years.

In addition to teaching all topics (from fractions and algebra to statistics and calculus), He provides math enrichment, assists with ACT/SAT prep, and creates puzzles and webcomics.

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